About Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy has been widely acclaimed for the ways it teaches couples the skills necessary for maintaining loving relationships. Its primary focus is fostering deeper understanding of relationship dynamics and assisting couples to identify their own patterns of connection and distance.

Where Imago Relationship Therapy came from

Imago Relationship Therapy was initially developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD, based on their extensive knowledge and practice of psychology as well as drawing from their own relationship experience.

Their ideas, outlined in the best-selling book, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples, have inspired thousands of people around the world and helped them to develop the communication skills needed to achieve deep and meaningful relationships.

How Imago Relationship Therapy works

A key Imago tool is the Dialogue, a process designed to help partners be clear in their own expression as well as available to listen to the other.

The power of this process has been widely recognised, with Imago Relationship Therapy practised in many countries around the world.

Harville Hendrix’s skills in working with couples impressed Oprah Winfrey so much that when celebrating 25 years on television recently, she included Imago therapy in her personal list of nine great on air epiphanies!

Books and articles to read

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