Workshops for Couples

Why are relationships so hard?

As explained on the Therapy for Couples page:

Learning how to sustain intimacy with another person is one of the hardest challenges facing us as human beings. Many barriers keep us from having the closeness we might want, even in what others think are ‘good’ relationships.

Each of us has the capacity to cause our partner pain or joy. How we choose to act can wound our partner or help them grow to be more of themselves.

We spend so much of our lives relating to others, it seems crazy that learning how to develop and sustain positive relationships isn’t part of the school curriculum. Luckily the skills can be taught and learned at any age.

Learn to negotiate the rough places

If you come to psychotherapy as a couple you can understand why your relationship may feel difficult at times. You can learn how to negotiate the rough places without either of you becoming too hurt.

Imago Getting the Love You Want Workshops

This weekend educational workshop is based on key material from the best-selling book, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples.

The workshop consists of short lectures, individual writing, demonstrations of Imago communication skills, and the opportunity to practise these with your partner.  

What others say

This video shows couples describing how Imago helped their relationship:

Should we choose a workshop or private sessions?

The weekend workshop is like 3 to 6 months private relationship coaching in one weekend. It’s suitable for couples of all backgrounds and in all kinds of relationships.

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