All about the Workshops

Learn and practise with your partner

Each workshop consists of short lectures, individual writing, demonstrations of Imago communication skills, and the opportunity to practise these with your partner.

This was a life changing experience.

The workshop is kept small so it’s a safe and relaxed environment, just right for you to learn and grow.

You work individually and with your partner. Apart from a brief introduction and concluding statement you won’t be required to share anything with the group unless you choose to do so.

The manual helps you keep learning and practising

Everyone who attends the workshop receives a comprehensive manual. It’s a valuable tool you can keep on using after the workshop.

What is the Imago Getting the Love You Want Workshop?

This weekend educational workshop is specifically designed to help couples discover the joy of being together.

Powerful, deep and meaningful.

It’s based on key material from the best-selling book, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples, by Harville Hendrix. His process, Imago Relationship Therapy, offers couples a new way to communicate and connect.

A great tool for any relationship, safe and fun

What the workshop does

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Successfully express your own desires.
  • Get to the root of your problems and resolve them.
  • Create romance, fun and intimacy.
  • Model a loving relationship for your children.

I/we thought we had reasonable communication skills and were respectful of each other. However these things were not adequate to deal with and find our way through our relationship struggles. The Imago workshop gave us some invaluable tools and practice.

Why this workshop is for you

This workshop is for you if:

  • You’re beginning a relationship you want to keep.
  • You’re having difficulties in your relationship and want to resolve long-standing conflicts.
  • You want to enrich an already good relationship.
  • You’re undecided about continuing your relationship.

Fantastic facilitators, a great tool for any relationship, safe and fun.

Workshop or couples therapy: which one’s for you?

The weekend workshop is considered to be comparable to 3 to 6 months private relationship coaching. It’s suitable for couples of all backgrounds and in all kinds of relationships.

Times, costs and lunch

On Saturdays the workshops run from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm. On Sundays we start at 9.00 am and go through to 6.30 pm.

The cost includes all course materials.

We also provide morning and afternoon teas.

Bring lunch with you or buy it from one of the shops and cafes nearby.

The experience of this workshop has been intense, emotional, frightening, beautiful and ultimately profound and strengthening. I walk back into the world, hand in hand with my partner, with the mist no longer shrouding my eyes and the leaves being greener. I feel strong and hopeful and loving.

Workshops cost $750 per couple ($375 each person); or $695 if paid by the earlybird deadline. The earlybird deadline is usually one month before the workshop starts unless otherwise stated.

Ready to signup or have questions?

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