Therapy for Couples

Why are relationships so hard?

Learning how to sustain intimacy with another person is one of the hardest challenges facing us as human beings. Many barriers keep us from having the closeness we might want, even in what others think are ‘good’ relationships.

Each of us has the capacity to cause our partner pain or joy. How we choose to act can wound our partner or help them grow to be more of themselves.

We spend so much of our lives relating to others, it seems crazy that learning how to develop and sustain positive relationships isn’t part of the school curriculum. Luckily the skills can be taught and learned at any age.

Find new ways of relating with couples counselling

Sometimes it’s difficult to change ways of relating on our own. Getting help from a relationships therapist can be a useful way to learn skills and practise them in a supportive environment.

Coming to see a therapist together can help you as a couple understand more fully any conflict or pain you’re having. I can also help you find ways to use conflict for growth.

I have more than 20 years experience working with couples. I can help you learn new ways of talking and listening to each other.

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