Therapy for Individuals

Clients come to see psychotherapists for many different reasons, including:

  • low self esteem
  • relationship difficulties
  • work stress
  • anxiety
  • loss and grief
  • trauma
  • depression

Psychotherapy helps with insight into immediate problems

Psychotherapy can help you understand the connection between your past experiences and immediate problems. It can help in resolving issues that may be holding you back from being fully alive.

Psychotherapy helps you understand yourself and others

Many clients have told me they started off coming to me for help with an issue such as finding it difficult to relate to a parent. By working through that issue they found they could manage other parts of their lives better too.

Others have said that they came to get help with managing a marriage or relationship breakdown and found themselves getting on better with workmates, family and friends in general.

As you become more self-aware you also find you better understand other people and ways of relating. What you learn in therapy sessions helps you with other parts of your life.

Why not take that step now?